The Versatility Of The Fedora

An individual told me that my fedora hats were to “dressy” for my garments. I enjoy collaborating street attire with “dressy” attire. That is the beauty in style, creating it and making it your own. Who wants to fit in with everybody else? Not me! I am a trendsetter not a conformist and I challenge my readers to be the same. How can we challenge the fashion industry or take it to new heights by fitting in?

Happy Friday!

Fedora: Asos

Tops: H&M

Boots: Timberland


Layers, Layers, Layers

Layers on top of layers is a really trendy look. To be honest it took some time for me to conjure up the confidence to experiment with the style. Typically one or two layers is regular when it comes to the colder season. However, you can begin to make a fashion statement when you take it up to 4 or 5 layers as I did in this style here. I chose to  go with even tones of the same color (black and white) and added the camo green Bomber jacket to compliment the black and white. If I can pull it off so can you!

Have a Great Day!

Fedora: Target

Bomber Jacket: Sammydress

Tops: H&M

Chelsea Boots: Asos

img_6021-2img_6026img_6031-2IMG_6034 (2).JPG

Snap Into A Slim Longline Cardigan

Hey guys! One thing is for sure. I can guarantee a Longline Cardigan will add the appeal your wardrobe needs. This was my first outfit to kick off fall fashion, so I am super excited to share this “Saulcey” piece with you all. Digging through my fashion filled closet I thought of a simple but brilliant idea. I decided to combine a black and white longline cardigan with white skinny jeans and black chelsea boots. I topped it off with my favorite black fedora. With longline garments, Just remember to keep it simple.

Have a Great Day!

Fedora: Target

Cardigan: Sammydress

Pants: H&M

Chelsea Boots: Asos





Think Fashion Forward

When I think of individuals who play it safe and stick to fashion trends that are trendy, I cannot help but think of that student sitting in class listening to his monotone apathetic teacher and yelling out “BOOORINNGGG”!


I love to challenge myself to be a fashion forward thinker. When I am assembling an outfit, I always think to myself how can I take this outfit to next level and exude a futuristic fashionable look.

Trends are not completely a bad thing, but how can we take fashion further if we just jump on the bandwagon trend with everybody else in the fashion world. I personally use trends to my advantage. In my photos below, I went with the current long-line layered look. I took it a step further paring the look with skinny jeans and loafers,which I have personally never seen before.

Is this a fashion forward Thread?

Enjoy Your Day!



Try Timberland’s For The Fall


Timberland boots make for a fashionable fall! I cannot think of anything these boots do not pair well with. If you don’t own a pair I suggest you get some because the fall is upon us.

Talk to you Soon.


The Bowtie Effect


I always trust the bow tie when I want to go for a classy look and as you can see it never fails me! My colors for the day were black, white and grey.  Do you think I combined them in perfect proportions?

Let me know!

Happy Monday People!