4 Rules For Wearing Longline

1. Simplicity is Key
First time stepping up to the longline? Well, ease into this trend carefully. When dealing with silhouettes of this length it’s fairly easy to turn this into a nightmare.
Simply pair your longline tee with a pair of skinny jeans or layer it with a jacket is a good place to start.

2. Balance Your Garments

The key to styling longline pieces is making them the center of attention. Allow their exaggerated length to make the statement while the rest of your look keeps remain subtle. Never make the mistake of oversizing your pants with a longline T-shirt. It looks very unfashionable. Keep your jeans/trousers as slim as possible when wearing longline.


3. Monochrome Your Look
If it’s your first time jumping in the longline deep end, adhere to pieces that donโ€™t scream for attention (Grey, navy, black, white) โ€“ will do.


4. Subdue Your Vibrant Colors

Maybe you want to steer away from dimmer colors and a splash of color to your longline attire. That is perfectly fine. Just remember, when styling your vibrant color longline tees a great way to compliment the colors is to style it with (Black, White or Blue Jeans) to balance out the contrast between the T-shirt and your jeans.



A Casual but Stylish Field Trip

Today, I took a very enjoyable field trip with my science students to the Aviation Center in Fort Worth, Texas. It is always a pleasure taking our students out of their normal environments and introducing them to new experiences.

Hat: Lids

Hoodie: H&M

Sneakers: Saucony

Pin Lapel: Michaels

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Have a Great Weekend!