What is Saulcey Vibes?

These series of photos inspired an idea inside of my fashion dominate creative brain. After this photoshoot , I was amazed at the final product. The photos portrayed style that was fashion forward, but the scenery added a vintage appeal. I immediately thought of “Saulcey Vibes” a way for you to connect with my style state of mind and feel the atmosphere through soothing instrumentals. I’m excited for you to take this journey with me through a series of visuals I will be relasing weekly.

Tune in and Enjoy!

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Say It With Style

There is a quote that says “Style: Because your personality isn’t the first thing people see”

What do you want people to think when they view you?  I feel my style says that I am refined, modish and full of charisma. Basically, It’s a way to speak for myself without actually having to speak. I never want to give a false impression of myself in anyway. I want individuals to always know what type of person they’re dealing with. I am very neat and organized when it comes to all aspects of my life, and it shows through my style lol.

What does your style say about you?



Monochromatic Color Scheme

I’ve always wanted to try the monochromatic color scheme look. Monochrome is the use  varying tones of only one color. For my first attempt, I chose varying tones of the color gray and completed the look with black accessories.

Was my first monochrome out fit a success? Let me know below.


Hasta Luego!

Fedora: Target

Blazer/Floral Pin Lapel: JCpenney

Round Neck T-Shirt: Cotton On

Pants: Gap

Wingtips: Aldo


Think Fashion Forward

When I think of individuals who play it safe and stick to fashion trends that are trendy, I cannot help but think of that student sitting in class listening to his monotone apathetic teacher and yelling out “BOOORINNGGG”!


I love to challenge myself to be a fashion forward thinker. When I am assembling an outfit, I always think to myself how can I take this outfit to next level and exude a futuristic fashionable look.

Trends are not completely a bad thing, but how can we take fashion further if we just jump on the bandwagon trend with everybody else in the fashion world. I personally use trends to my advantage. In my photos below, I went with the current long-line layered look. I took it a step further paring the look with skinny jeans and loafers,which I have personally never seen before.

Is this a fashion forward Thread?

Enjoy Your Day!