Camo Fashion

When I bought my first pair of camo pants I was very excited. I couldn’t wait to incorporate the pants into my wardrobe.

Ironically, as soon as I got home and begin to piece together some outfits I went bananas. Ahhhhh!

I could not find anything that meshed well with these camo pants. So, I calmed myself down and begin to think. Here’s my thoughts…

Tip: Wear camo pants with solid color threads. The look is very distinctive as is and any other pattern can subdue the camo pattern. Remember, you want to compliment the pattern.

Jacket: The Gap

Shirt: JC Penney

Shoes: Kenneth Cole

Camo Pants: Pacsun

Eyewear: Zerouv



Lovers Lane

“I’m strolling down lover’s lane Must’ve took the wrong turn I’m supposed to go the other way The music was on blast and I ran out of gas And I gotta find this highway…

Source: Lovers Lane