Jean Moments

I absolutely love experimenting with different hues of jean. Any shade of blue jean corresponds well, you just need to find the tone that works for you. Try combining a darker hue of blue with a lighter tinge of blue and a simple white t-shirt with  a flannel  of your choice wrapped around your waist. I jazzed it up a bit with a brown fedora and brown chelsea boots, but be creative there are many ways to incorporate your own identity within this outfit.

I hope this post serves you well! Be Inspired.

Fedora: Asos

Jacket: H&M

Pants: H&M

Chelsea Boots: Asos



Do It With Tweed

Tweed vest are absolutely great! It comes in handy when you’re trying to spruce up a casual look. If you don’t on a tweed vest, I suggest you join the trend. Tweed is one of the most stylish items a gentleman can own during the winter.

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Happy Friday Folks!


The Science Of Elegance

There’s just something about the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance. Everywhere I go, it’s a must for me to be fashionable. Being “saulcey” has really become an everyday lifestyle. When you step into the world you should wanna be the best form of yourself. It allows people to get to know you without actually getting to know you, and tells a lot about you as a person.

Are you Giving the world the best appearance of you?


Nobody does it like Patterns

I absolutely love Polka dots! An essential part of fashion is confidence. It doesn’t matter if you think a specific garment will not look good on you. Just give it a shot. The polka do…

Source: Nobody does it like Patterns

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Sauce of The Day

Have you had your street fashion today?

It’s a must that my street fashion is a mix between dapper and urban. I struggle walking that fine line between the two. However! The fine line I walk makes for a perfect mix.

Tip: Find a few colors you think look well together and contrast them appropriately in balanced proportions and you will have a masterpiece.

How do you like my outfit?