Say It With Style

There is a quote that says “Style: Because your personality isn’t the first thing people see”

What do you want people to think when they view you?  I feel my style says that I am refined, modish and full of charisma. Basically, It’s a way to speak for myself without actually having to speak. I never want to give a false impression of myself in anyway. I want individuals to always know what type of person they’re dealing with. I am very neat and organized when it comes to all aspects of my life, and it shows through my style lol.

What does your style say about you?



A Day With Saturday Streetstyle


Why should you limit yourself when it comes to fashion? That question was rhetorical. I want to create a fashion experience that allows my viewers to experience eclectic styles. Alluring an audience who enjoy’s a diverse taste in fashion.

A style For A Classy man

This thread shows you have class and style. Any woman will definitely wanna be by your side with this on.

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A style For A Classy man


The Perfect Mix Between Street and Class

Have you ever heard the slogan “you are what you love”. Well, I love to listen to Hip Hop/Rap music while drinking a glass of cupcake Moscato. OK, forget it! Away with the jargon let’s get to the point. lol. What I’m trying to say is… It’s a perfect mix between Street and class. Similar to the ensemble below.

Tips: This outfit totals out to $184, but it can be bought for around $105. Just look below.

Black Fedora: Target

Adidas Shirt: Ross

Dress Slacks: Local Thrift, Jc penney




What do you think?

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The Perfect Mix Between Street and Class


The Kooples mens wool pants
$89 –

Adidas mens shirt

River Island mens fedora hat
$27 –

Sauce of The Day


Get you a Muscle Shirt!

Today I was attending a hip hop concert and I wanted to go for a look that was a perfect mix between street and classy. The color I had in mind was all black so I decided to wear a black fedora along with a black muscle shirt gracefully paired with skinny jeans and all black chelsea boots. The black muscle shirt gave the attire the street feel I was looking for and the chelsea boots and black fedora gave it the class it needed. The all black wrist accessories added a little flare making this a fashionable outfit on the night.

What do you think about the sauce of the day?


Sauce of The Day

Today was my students 8th Grade graduation Ceremony. I wanted to put together a rather stylish thread. The color combinations I had in mind were Brown, Royal Blue and Gold. When you’re combining patterns you want the patterns to compliment each other and never collide. In this ensemble, the Paisley Printed tie and the checkered blazer assisted each other well. The colors of the accessories coordinated perfectly with the jacket and pants meshing together perfectly. The suspenders add flash to the look showing taste for fashion, and I topped it off with a suede wingtip

 Stay Tuned!

Sauce of the Day

Yesterday I went to an amazing Poetry Slam! There are many ways to wear a longline tee, however, I wanted to add a fashionable twist! So I decided to spice things up with Blue Skinny jeans a brown fedora, and brown chelsea boots along with a cherry red floral pin lapel. Longline tees with dropped hems paired with chelsea boots has modish written all over it! They make for a great balance in this ensemble. The red pin lapel adds the finishing touches to this smooth apparatus. Pin lapels should stand out with any ensemble, but not in a negative way.

Stay Tuned!