Think Fashion Forward

When I think of individuals who play it safe and stick to fashion trends that are trendy, I cannot help but think of that student sitting in class listening to his monotone apathetic teacher and yelling out “BOOORINNGGG”!


I love to challenge myself to be a fashion forward thinker. When I am assembling an outfit, I always think to myself how can I take this outfit to next level and exude a futuristic fashionable look.

Trends are not completely a bad thing, but how can we take fashion further if we just jump on the bandwagon trend with everybody else in the fashion world. I personally use trends to my advantage. In my photos below, I went with the current long-line layered look. I took it a step further paring the look with skinny jeans and loafers,which I have personally never seen before.

Is this a fashion forward Thread?

Enjoy Your Day!




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